Frequent questions -

The is the first food, beverage, coffee and accommodation club in Greece to offer its subscribers discounts on thousands of restaurants, cafes, bars and accommodation throughout Greece with 50%, through their affiliate store application - accommodation.

1. You find according to your criteria the restaurant, cafe - bar, club or accommodation you want.
2. Make a phone booking where this is needed to avoid waiting or completing the shop-accommodation, stating .
3. Enjoy your coffee drink or your regular stay with your company and after an active member has been confirmed through the application or website, in the store by your staff at your arrival, you receive the 50% discount on the final account at with the exception of drinks or the corresponding service. You evaluate the service with stars and see the total amount you have saved in total.

Yes you can . We suggest that you keep a close eye on the store on the page, as there is a right to shop exceptions.

The maximum number of people allowed is there for this reason. For more people, the restaurant is NOT obliged to give you the discount.

The is the first food club in Greece to offer its subscribers thousands of restaurants across Greece 50% on food that will eat EXCLUSIVELY in the final bill.

Η has an agreement with our affiliates that if they wish to close their shop or do not wish to cooperate with us they will inform us of their immediate removal from our catalogs. In case this does not happen, we would be happy to let you know what we noticed in the email: [Email protected] .

No ! There is no limitation to the menu and quantity!

ATTENTION * Club privileges CAN NOT be combined with other shop offerings.

Its purpose is to make eating, drinking, coffee and staying outside more accessible.

So the service belongs to the few ones called win-win ie win AND MEMBERS AND shops.

Members now can go out more often after the crisis has led to spending cuts for their entertainment as well as the fullness of the shops on a daily basis and at the same time free of charge advertising, but most importantly, we do NOT get rates like the others from the account.

Most stores are available all week for its members

However, each store has the right to exclude Friday and / or Saturday and / or Sunday, throughout the month of December as well as public holidays. We suggest that you check the store page where exceptions are mentioned.

At We have been aiming for your real savings from the beginning and we know that you will love it as an idea - service.

We offer the trial period to discover it with your company without any risk and then continue with the package that covers you.

Anyway, there is NO COMMITMENT on your part and you can continue whenever you want.

At the end of the first trial month with 1 €, the pricing policy applicable to the package you selected in your subscription is:


1 service from 3, only 6,99 € / month.

2 services from 3, only 10,99 € / month.

3 services from 3 (, only 12,99 € / month.


1 service from 3, only 59,90 € / year.

2 services from 3, only 99,80 € / year.

3 services from 3 (, only 119,90 € / year.

Good things, we have to share them and definitely paying half in food, drink, coffee and stay is one of them. As part of our advertising from you, we created a way of rewarding for you, with every 4 person starting in a monthly or annual package from you, you will receive a corresponding monthly or annual renewal package upon completion of the renewal from test your friends' month or make a gift wherever you want.