How does it work ;

  1. Become a member.
  2. You are logged in.
  3. There is a button in your menu that says "Member Confirmation".
  4. Press the button and show the staff on arrival the details of your services.
  5. You pay 50% or 1 + 1 depending on the service you have and what the store / accommodation offers.

* Only one active member has the following confirmation button in their menu.

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Maximum number of people per member.

(2,4,6,8,10,12, Unlimited)

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The store discounts our members 50% on the category they belong to.

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The store discounts our members 1 + 1 of the same product in their category.

(in case of different value of the 2 products, you pay the most expensive).

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Mandatory phone booking.

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Phone booking is not mandatory.

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Offer applies to food.

(eg restaurants, taverns, etc.)

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Offer applies to sweets.

(eg pastry shops)

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Offer applies to ice creams.

(eg ice cream shop)

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* ATTENTION * - Shops have the right to exclude bottles such as water, soft drinks, juices, tea, energy drink, beers.

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Offer applies to coffee.

(eg cafes, pastry shops, etc.)

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Offer applies to drink.

(eg café-bars, taverns, clubs, etc.)

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The offer is valid in the beverage bottle.

(eg café-bars, taverns, clubs, etc.)

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Maximum number of accommodation capacity and bid power per member.

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Area of ​​rent in m².

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Number of rooms to rent.

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Number of baths to rent.

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Number of beds to rent.

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Number of double beds to rent.

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Number of sofas to rent.

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Number of kitchen rooms to rent.

Frequent questions

The is the first food, beverage, coffee and accommodation club in Greece to offer its subscribers discounts on thousands of restaurants, cafes, bars and lodgings across Greece 50%, with the help of their affiliate store - accommodation.

1. Find the restaurant, cafe-bar, club or accommodation you want according to your criteria.
2. Make a phone booking where this is needed to avoid waiting or completing the shop-accommodation, stating .
3. You enjoy your drink - coffee or your stay normally with your friends and after an active member has been confirmed through the application or website, in the store by his staff on arrival, you receive a final account 50 % on food excluding beverages or the corresponding service. You evaluate the service with stars and you see the total amount you have saved in total.

Yes you can . We suggest that you keep a close eye on the store on the page, as there is a right to shop exceptions.

The maximum number of people allowed is there for this reason. For more people, the restaurant is NOT obliged to give you the discount.

The is the first food club in Greece to offer its subscribers thousands of restaurants across Greece 50% on food that will eat EXCLUSIVELY in the final bill.

Η agrees with our affiliates that if they wish to close their shop or do not wish to cooperate with us they will inform us of their immediate removal from our catalogs. If this does not happen we will be happy to let you know it through its site by clicking the "Store Report" button.

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The discount applies ONLY to restaurant space - coffee.

No ! There is no limitation to the menu and quantity!

ATTENTION * Club privileges CAN NOT be combined with other shop offerings.

Its purpose is to make eating, drinking, coffee and staying outside more accessible.

So this service belongs to the few that are called "win-win", that is, both members and stores earn.

Members now can go out more often after the crisis has led to spending cuts for their entertainment as well as the fullness of the shops on a daily basis and at the same time free of charge advertising, but most importantly, we do NOT get rates like the others from the account.

Most stores are available all week for its members

However, each store has the right to exclude Friday and / or Saturday and / or Sunday, throughout the month of December as well as public holidays. We suggest that you check the store page where exceptions are mentioned.

At We have been aiming for your real savings from the beginning and we know you will love it as an idea - service.

We offer the trial period to discover it with your company without any risk and then continue with the package that covers you.

Anyway, there is NO COMMITMENT on your part and you can continue whenever you want.

At the end of the first trial month with 1 €, the pricing policy applicable to the package you selected in your subscription is:


1 service from 3, only 6,99 € / month.

2 services from 3, only 10,99 € / month.

3 services from 3 (, only 12,99 € / month.


1 service from 3, only 59,90 € / year.

2 services from 3, only 99,80 € / year.

3 services from 3 (, only 119,90 € / year.

* Prices do NOT include tax. *

Good things, we have to share them and definitely paying half for food, drink, coffee and accommodation is one of them. As part of our advertising for you, we've created a rewarding way for you to receive every 1 person starting a monthly or yearly package from you or our affiliate store, and you and your friend will receive a monthly coupon, for your renewal by completing the renewal of your friends' trial month.

How do I become a member?

You can start as a member of our services and receive 50% or 1 + 1 in our affiliate companies with a 1 month trial for 1 € and continue with the package you originally selected, in terms of combination of services and time limit (Monthly or Annual).

  • Go to the menu and press the gray button that says "Try it now".

  • Choose from our packages, the one that suits you best.

  • Pay 1 € for a month and then continue automatically to the package you selected.

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How do I gift subscriptions?

Make an original and genuine GIFT!

If, for example, a parent wants to gift their student a son and manage his or her subscription, or gift a subscription for a birthday, just click on the menu:

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Select the package you want and then the "Gift for 1 or more people".

Just add the recipient's email address!

Perfect, right?

Receipt of the recipient

After a subscription is purchased, the system appoints the recipient in our store. An account is automatically created.

An email is sent to the recipient to notify him of the gift and to order him to log in to our store.

On admission, recipients receive a boarding process to define their account details.

Joint subscription management

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Both the recipient and the buyer of a subscription gift can suspend or cancel the subscription, view the subscription details and renewal orders through the "My Account" page in the store, or change the shipping address.

This allows our clients to self-manage the subscription.

Customer privacy

When sharing data between two people, it is important to keep your customer's sensitive information private. That is why Gifting carefully decides what should and should not be shared with the recipient. For example, recipients cannot see the original order of their subscription, ensuring that they cannot see anything else purchased with the subscription.

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How do I request a gift subscription?

This service allows our users to find a fun way to request a gift from friends by mail.

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How can I see my money saving?

Every active member of one of our services can find the "Wallet" button in his menu

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who clicks to add or show, if he wants, when he's saved, how much money and what service.

How do I earn subscriptions?


For each friend starting out with you or the business you help, you are rewarded with a monthly subscription through a coupon code after the first trial month renewal or business approval. Start sharing your link with your friends!

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How do I make money?

Do you have a blog, a website where you can promote our services?

Start now by tapping here and won up to 60% commission.

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How do I register my business?

  1. Create Account

2. Login to the system by entering your email and password.

  • Select from the Menu: BUSINESSES - NEW BUSINESS
  • Press the Button: Get Started Now.

3. Select the category to which you want to discount and then select: "Free Business Package".

Buy Package. If you have already made your first entry, this button will read "Use a Purchased Package".

4. Fill in the fields and filters depending on the type of bid and after viewing the preview of your listing, confirm and await our approval to proceed to your final step. Set bid dates.

5. After confirmation from us, go to MENU : AVAILABILITY *

* If it does not allow you to make any changes, please log out and sign in from the following link:
Entering businesses

The availability of offer for food, beverage - cafes and accommodation companies is set out in eat-drink-stay button Booking Calendar -> Calendars where you will find the Offer Availability Calendar we have created for you.

How do I determine the availability of food, drink - accommodation?

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Edit multiple dates with a single click.

This feature will save you thousands of mouse clicks! Select a date range and the status you want to apply, click, and select!

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Create your own bidding calendar.

Apply your own colors, symbols and text. You can also use separated colors.

How do I verify my business?

To verify your business, you need to send it to [Email protected] , photo of the identity of the responsible business owner, from the registered business email.

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