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Offers for food, drink, coffee, accommodation

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Entering business information, photos, and bid filters.

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Set business bid dates.

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Controlled by active member application.

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Increase your business turnover on empty days.

food offers accommodation offers

Fill in the fields with your information, filters and photos, depending on the type of offer, after seeing your preview of your listing, confirm and await our approval within 24 hours to proceed to your final step. Set bid dates.

If you want to keep offering to our members, you will need nothing more than you as our original calendar is set for all days.

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After confirmation from us, go to MENOU: AVAILABLE

Offer availability for food, beverage - cafes and accommodation is set in the eat-drink-stay Booking Calendar button -> Calendars where you will find the Offer availability calendar we have created for you.

- Edit multiple dates with a single click.

This feature will save you thousands of mouse clicks! Select a date range and the status you want to apply, click, and select!

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Confirmation of our members is done through our website or application upon arrival at your site.

In the member menu, there is a button that appears ONLY in active members and writes "Member Confirmation".

Ask the member to press it and make sure it is at least a member of your service.

There is a date and time to avoid fraud.

Her team sends you its unwavering support in these difficult times for all, but more in you as a sector that has been hit hard by the COVID -19 pandemic.
Η NEWS its platform, is expected to give the impetus to the world after the end of quarantine, with the financial problems that have arisen until then in everyone, in the field of food, drink, coffee and accommodation outside again.
Everyone will have the right to register as a member once FREE for 30 DAYS.
Your only obligation is to offer our members the best price on the internet from other platforms that earn up to 20% of the price while we do NOT charge anything in the case of the accommodation sector, or 50% or 1 + 1 in case of food and / or drink - coffee.
Use the platform to register business information and full control of your bid distribution calendar, FINALLY FREE.
You can choose to offer drinks and / or coffee and / or bottles and / or food and / or accommodation!
Some of the "tools" for promoting your business that the new platform offers are:
• Free registration of the company with photos and videos.
• Free routing service to the business address.
• Free offer availability calendar.
• We do not control your payments as we do not charge rates.
• Immediate messaging system.
• Presence on her social media
Start registering your own business and you will open your doors to customers from all over the world, tourists and locals as the services of allout are global and apply to its subscribers in every corner of the globe, where there is a partner company.
Now you have everything in your hand.
The service to the advertised companies is FREE.
The income of our company is created only by our subscribers.
Welcome !
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Offers for food, drink, coffee, accommodation

  • Full profile business profile
  • Photos of the place
  • Routing
  • Promotion on social media platforms
  • Instant Messaging System (stayout)